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About Us

The ECT is a social enterprise that seeks to promote composting toilets as the most appropriate emergency sanitation solution. As a social enterprise, its purpose is to bring about positive social change and sustainability, while generating an income. three key element make ECT a social enterprise:

  1. The information and design of the toilet is freely available for those who wish to build their own toilet, thereby engaging as many people as people to be prepared. 
  2. Promoting the recycling and reuse of Humanure as a valuable resource for soil building and fertility. 


Appropriate sanitation solutions for people and planet


To provide homes, businesses and organisations with a safe affordable and user-friendly toilet solution for emergencies by:

  1. Manufacturing compost toilet systems for sale
  2. Offering professional consultancy services to businesses and organisations
  3. Providing educational workshops and support for community resilience.

Matt King is the Director, Marketing manager, and maker of the ECT. 

Matt  is based in Otaki, on the Kapiti Coast where he runs GreenEarth Development, a consultancy company focused on project design and management in sustainable construction and community development.  Wearing many hats, Matt bounces between community development projects and sustainable building and general project management. Currently the focus is on developing the Emergency Compost Toilet for sale.

Over the last few years Matt has travelled and worked through Indonesia and Papua New Guinea managing aid projects related to community resilience and tsunami recovery.

In an extension of the work Relieve has undertaken, Matt is working with Civil Defence Wellington to bring compost toilets to the attention of local authorities and potentially as a preferred emergency response solution.

Matt takes a keen interest in bringing the benefits of composting toilets to the mainstream. In his work he designs and builds composting toilets and has a toilet set up in his home.


See www.greenearth.net.nz for more information



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