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Emergency Compost Toilet - Standard Model Click on image to view full size

Emergency Compost Toilet - Standard Model

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Detailed Description

Emergency Compost Toilet

Product Outline

The Emergency Compost Toilet (ECT) is a flat packed box and bucket system designed specifically for emergencies. Made from machine cut untreated plywood and recycled plastic buckets, it is a simple and effective way of managing human excreta in an emergency of where reticulated sewage systems are unavailable.

 The toilet comes in 3 variants:

  1. Standard
  2. DIY- unsanded and unpainted
  3. Disability height- Built to regulation 460mm for use in rest homes etc.

 Toilet Components

Each Toilet comes complete with:

  • 1 x Plywood box
  • 2 x Toilet seats- fitted
  • 2 x 20 litre plastic buckets
  • 1 x 1 kg bag of dry wood shavings
  • 4 x labels for seats and buckets
  • 1 x User Guide

 ECT Dimensions

Emergency Compost Toilet- Product Dimensions


Overall height

Toilet seat height


















Note: Conventional toilet seat height is between 410 and 425mm


The Disability toilet meets NZ Standards 4121: Design for Access and Mobility, Buildings and Associated Facilities. Section

 The Standard and the Disability toilet have the same paint finish only the height differs.


The ECT is manufactured from the following materials. Details of each of these products are given below.

  1. Plywood
  2. Plastic Buckets
  3. Plastic toilet seats
  4. Paint
  5. Wood Shavings

 For each of the materials incorporated into the toilet, the relevant details regarding eco certification, recyclability, toxicity are detailed where appropriate.

 1.      Plywood

New Zealand made by Carter Holt Harvey Ltd from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified Pinus Radiata. FSC certification number: SCS-COC-001316.

  1. Sheet Thickness: 12mm
  2. Sheet Grade: CD- Non structural ply. Made contain minor sheet face imperfections including open faced knots.
  3. Treatment: Untreated- for interior use only
  4. Glue Bond: A Bond Glue system. Uses Phenol Formaldehyde Glue, heat cured. The cured glue is thermal and moisture stable gasing off to equivalent levels to the timber itself. For more information contact Cater Holt Harvey on 0800 326759

 2.      Plastic Buckets

The plastic buckets are made in New Zealand by Carbon Credit Plastics. They are 100% recycled plastic including a sturdy metal handle.

Volume: 20 litres.

 3.      Toilet Seats

The 2 toilet seats are imported from China. Made from non-toxic Polypropylene plastic.

Weight limitation: 120 kgs.

 4.      Paint

Description: A vinyl copolymer incorporating an aqueous dispersion of linseed oil to improve penetrating power.

Colour: White

Finish: Low Sheen. Single coat to sides and braces of plywood and 2 coats to the top lid.

Flash point: Not applicable

Toxicity: Non toxic, lead and heavy metal free.

 5.      Wood shavings

An approximately 1kg bag of marcocarpa wood shavings is provided with each toilet. Where macrocapa is unavailable a similar alternative will be substituted.

Assembly Details

The diagram below details how the plywood box fits together.

Weight/ capacity of the Toilet System

The maximum suggested weight or loading on the toilet is 120 kgs. This is limited by the thickness of the plywood used and the capacity of the toilet seat.

Custom designs are advised beyond this.

Additional Materials

The toilet system requires a wheelie bin or other container for the storage and composting. A 240 litre wheelie bin is the recommended size for a family of 4 people. This will last approximately 2 months. More if worms are added.

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