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Fantastic product, that has been well tested. Environmentally friendly emergency sanitation solution which portable, requires no water or harsh chemicals. Can be stored as a flat pack or assembled to store emergency supplies until needed. I've already purchased mine. Thanks Matt and your team.

Graham Nel- Disaster Prepare Limited, Wellington

Emergency compost toilets fits the purpose in that it helps reduce the impact that we have on the environment. Having them displayed at our Raroa Enviro Expo last year developed an awareness in staff and students alike that regardless of whether we are in a state of emergency or not, the need to future proof our world is imperative. Onlookers were fascinated at the design of the toilets, it is certainly a better alternative to the chemical Porter loos!

Liz Faalogo, Teacher at Raroa Normal School- Wellington

I trialled a composting toilet at my business for a month.
I had no problems whatsoever with it.
It is definitely a practical & more environmentally friendly alternative to a porta-loo or chemical toilet.

Mike Ennis

An emergency toilet for use inside is great- no need to share with the neighbours. I feel safe and secure knowing I am prepared to get through.

Lisa, Newlands. Wellington


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